Need a website?

Want a website?


Four hundred and fifty bucks. That's how much it will cost you to get an up-and-running xhtml/css/js/PHP website with a reasonable number of additional linked pages designed to your specs. It will look good and it will work, and you will love it. It's not going to be as extensive or as flashy as some, but it will be clean, functional and attractive and it's not gonna break you financially. You tell me what you need, what you desire and provide the content and I'll build it for you. Your site will conform to key web standards in modern browsers like IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. You will be able to maintain your site yourself if you so desire. I can point you to economical hosting and maintenance solutions and advise you on registering a new domain if you don't already have one. I can also provide all of these services, among others. Email me to get that page up.

MySQL databases, Flash, carts, etc. are not included in the basic price but those services are available for additional fees.
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